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How to generate certificate and provisioning profile on apple developer site

May 21st, 2011 4 comments


Here are steps to generate certificate and provisioning profile from apple developer site for signing iphone application.

STEP 1: Open and login with your developer account. Note that you need to purchase $99 or $299 developer program from apple to do this. Once you login to developer site, you will get screen as shown in below image.

Apple Developer Provisioning Portal Home


STEP 2: Now from that screen click on iOS Provisioning Portal. This will open screen as shown in below image.

Apple Developer Provisioning Portal Home

STEP 3: Now click on Certificates from left navigation of previous page. Now on this page you can see two main tabs: Development and Distribution. So here you can create certificate for development and distribution¬†separately. If you didn’t created certificate yet then you can see “Request Certificate” button. So click on that will open screen that will ask you for Certificate Signing Request(CSR) file. That you can create as from this post. You can see below screen once you click on Request Certificate” button. It will open screen as shown in below image.

STEP 4: Now choose CSR file as we have created in previous step as from this post and click on Submit button. I have created certificate from my team member account so I can’t see Distribution tab but you can see it from your mail developer account. Now this will create certificate for you. You need to approve this certificate from list of certificates available on your Developer or Distribution tab. Once you approved it, download and save it on your MAC.

STEP 5: Install certificate on Mac.

Once you have downloaded that certificate, just open that .cer file by double clicking on it. This will install your certificate to your development machine. Remember that you need to have private key for installing this certificate and you can get this private ket from Mac on which you have created your CSR. So remember to always backup your private key from your Mac. To get this private key, you need to open your keychain access program and find relevant private ket and take backup by right click on it and click on Export and follow on screen instructions.

STEP 6: Add App Id

Once you have completed with creating and installing certificate, you need to create application id for your unique iphone app. For this, click on App IDs from left navigation on apple iOS Provisioning Portal. Doing this will open screen as shown below.

Create Application IdSTEP 7: Now click on New App ID button. This will ask you for “Description” and unique “Bundle¬†Identifier” as shown in below image.

New Application Identifier

STEP 8: Now provide Description to identify your app id. Write Bundle Identifier as reverse domain name format like com.macymind.myappname. Click on Submit will generate new app id for you.

STEP 9: Now its time to create provisioning profile. From left navigation of Provisioning Portal, Click on Provisioning link. This will show you list of all profiles for particular type as Development or Distribution. Click on New Profile on this screen and follow on screen instructions to create new provisioning profile. Now download this newly created Provisioning Profile on your mac. Now for installing this provisioning profile to your xCode, drag and drop this file on xCode icon on your dock.

Let me know if you have any problem or suggestion for this article.