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Adwhirl Registration Problem – Google and Admob

May 5th, 2011 3 comments


If you are planning to publish different advertisement on your mobile application then one of the best solution to integrate it is Adwhirl. It is a product from Admob, a famos mobile advertisement playtform which is undertaken by Google now.

So recently I was trying for registering my account with adwhirl. But no success. I have used their sign up page and tried to register myself. Website reported that “Your registration has been processed. Look for an email to verify your new account.”. Then I have look into my Inbox but no emails from Adwhirl. Then I checked my spam emails if by mistake it is moved to it. But no emails in spam too.

Then I had wait for 3 days for their emails but no emails from them. I have look into their google code site from where they are providing source code. And moved to their issue reporting page and found that lot many people reported issue for Adwhirl registration issue. I have also tried to send email to their development team but no one is responding to emails.

Then I have tried to register for 4-5 times a day but no success with it. I had also submit one issue to their issues reporting on google but I found from google search that they are removing this kind of issues from their system without responding to it. So my mail concern is that if they don’t want to respond to public issues then why are they opening this kind of system for taking issues from users?

Even I have tried for sending emails to their Google group and mailing list. No response till the date.

I think we can’t expect this kind of things from Google.

If anyone from Adwhirl(Google) is looking at my post then try to resolve this issue as you are lossing your customers by this way.

If anyone facing this issue then please do comment on this thread.


Update 12-May-2011:

This issue has been resolved by adwhirl team. Great thanks to them !!!